Sonntag, Mai 26, 2024

TEAMGROUP Launches Breakthrough Industrial Memory Technologies

Targeting Emerging 5G Applications with High Performance and Durability

Leading memory brand TEAMGROUP has continued to develop its industrial products in line with the demands of industrial customers. By integrating key technologies with its excellent R&D capabilities and focusing research on the diverse needs of industrial customers, TEAMGROUP has been able to develop a storage IC sorting technology and a durable storage device technology with anti-sulfuration and high voltage protections. These innovations have obtained Taiwan Invention Patents No. I751093 and I771910 as well as a U.S. Invention Patent, targeting emerging markets such as 5G, edge computing, and electric vehicles, meeting the requirements of industrial clients in a wide variety of environments.

As emerging 5G industrial applications becoming more diverse, memory stability and reliability have become increasingly difficult to maintain. Since, on one hand, memory retains data in a shorter period of time as in harsh environments and, on the other hand, industrial-grade memory that strives for stability requires longer data retention, the new IC sorting technology was designed to test whether the data retention of a memory device is within a safe range by means of an interrupting charge method. It is also used to ensure each of the sorted ICs is able to operate in the wide range of temperature and analyze whether the memory can be used stably under certain environments. TEAMGROUP’s another innovation, the durable storage device technology, uses anti-sulfurated and high voltage resistant passive components placed on a specially designed multi-layer printed circuit board to protect against high voltages, surges, and sulfurization.

TEAMGROUP’s patented IC sorting and durable storage technologies have been fully applied to its existing industrial product lines. The high-performance and high-durability products can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as transportation construction, surveillance facilities, 5G base stations, petrochemical industry and high-speed network edge computing, electric vehicles, and on-board computing. By offering protection against highly-variable and polluted environments, TEAMGROUP’s industrial customers can rest easy when using our fast and reliable industrial