Sonntag, Mai 26, 2024

XPG revealed XENIA 15G Gaming Laptop

Perfect for gaming and streaming

Taipei, Taiwan – 26 April, 2023 – XPG, a fast-growing provider of systems, components, and peripherals for Gamers, Esports Pros, and Tech Enthusiasts, today announced its most powerful laptop to date, the XENIA 15G Gaming Laptop. This impressive laptop was designed for gamers and tech enthusiasts seeking the perfect balance between performance and value. XPG XENIA 15G comes with a 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-13700H processor, up to a GeForce RTX™ 4070 laptop GPU, coupled with a combination of hand-picked ADATA DDR5 memory and a PCIe Gen4 LEGEND SSD, to deliver xtreme gaming experiences.

Time to Level Up Your Performance

XENIA 15G takes advantage of the latest generation improvements in components on the market. At its foundation, it features a 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-13700H processor with 14 cores (6 performance cores boosting up to 5Ghz, and 8 efficient cores for power saving). On the Graphics front, XENIA 15G sports an NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 40-series laptop GPU based on NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture, a leap in computing performance with AI-powered DLSS 3, so you can enjoy higher framerates even in lifelike virtual worlds with demanding real-time ray tracing requirements.

Efficient Cooling Solution

To extract as much performance as possible from the latest generational advancements, as well as making your platform more stable and durable, Xenia 15G has adopted an innovative, new extended copper thermal exchange solution that covers additional sources of heat from additional components. This hybrid solution integrates some of the thermal design techniques typically found in higher-end vapor chambers, while still employing efficient heat pipes.

Enjoy Immersive Gaming Anywhere and Everywhere

To complete the roundup of generational upgrades, XENIA 15G offers high-quality ADATA memory and SSD options. With up to 32GB of ADATA’s finest DDR5 memory maxing out the processor’s 5200MT/s speed and up to 1 TB of storage space with a reliable ADATA LEGEND 850 SSD, you’ll experience lightning-fast speeds and seamless operation without breaking the bank. Both upgrades represent a step up in gaming performance, enabling faster real-time texture loading improvements like Direct Storage from both XPG’s clean, in-house developed Windows 11 software image, as well as the latest game engines capabilities.